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Wheelhouse Advisors Academy

Whether you are just about to start your career, already training for a professional qualification, joining us as a qualified accountant or tax professional, or supporting us in our corporate functions, the Academy framework is tailored to you and the stage in your career when you start at Wheelhouse.

Focussing on three core elements; Exams, Technical skills and soft skills, the Academy allows tailoring of a bespoke development plan complementing your role within the business. We ensure that you have a clear understanding of your development timeline and how you play a part in the success of Wheelhouse from Day 1.

We believe that the Academy provides a great platform for continuous development and encourages focused conversations about progression, learning different aspects about your role and assisting with your professional development obligations.

We are determined to attract and keep the very best talent and understand that as you train and develop it is important that this is recognised. The academy gives the chance for that to be recognised and provides opportunities for promotion and increases in salary when milestones are reached rather than only at an annual performance review.


If you are training to be a qualified Accountant or Tax professional, there will be exams to take. Wheelhouse supports your studies financially and offers paid study leave to help you achieve your goals. We also know what is involved when preparing for exams, so encourage open communication around your studies whether that is with your line manager or the CEO, everyone is here to help.

Technical Skills

Taking exams isn’t the only way to further your career and experience. We understand that on the job training will be required. This section will build on the skills required in your role and compliments your exams, then enhances them for the additional skills specifically required for the investment management sector.

Soft skills

Being gifted technically is only one aspect of achieving your goals. Soft skills, or people skills, can sometimes be forgotten but these are crucial for employees to prosper. We ensure that these are an important part of your development and provide structured ways in which to improve on areas which need developing.