There are less than 100 days before UK Tax Returns are due

3 November 2020 | Paul Webster

With less than 100 days to go before the UK Self-Assessment Tax Return deadline, you could use the time saved by not commuting to work each day to put your Tax Return information together. Short of a personal tragedy or catastrophe, HMRC will seldom let anyone off when it comes to late filing penalties but they do like to issue a list of some of the most ridiculous excuses from time to time. My personal favourites are the dog eating the Tax Return, a builder’s pet goldfish dying and the chap who was too short to reach the post box!

If you just can’t face HMRC’s convoluted online filing system or your tax affairs have become too complex for you to be comfortable preparing your own return, Wheelhouse Advisors will be happy to assist - just drop me a line at

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