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The IFPR contains a number of facets which will impact different firms in different ways. Only once a firm has conducted a thorough assessment of the rules will it be able to plan roadmap to readiness.

Wheelhouse Advisors’ team of IFPR experts can support firms in a number of ways:

IFPR Impact Assessment

We work with clients to undertake a full impact assessment of the new regime, covering capital requirements and resources, liquidity, group consolidation, governance, risk, remuneration, ICARA and disclosure, providing a clear picture of what needs to be done and when. 

ICARA Process

We have significant experience designing, implementing and documenting clients’ internal capital and risk assessment processes. We incorporate industry guidance and best-practice into our approach and are ideally placed to support firms to implement a robust ICARA process.

Prudential Governance

We help our clients to build robust governance frameworks, looking ahead, identifying adverse trends and recommending pragmatic actions to avoid breaches.

Regulatory Reporting

Our team of regulatory reporting experts can support firms in moving from existing reports to the new requirements under IFPR and in filing new reports such as Liquid Asset Requirement (MIF002) and Metrics Reporting (MIF003).

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Navigating and understanding the complex IFPR requirements can be an onerous and complicated task for many firms and distract from the running of their core business. Wheelhouse Advisors has a dedicated team which brings a strong prudential knowledge base and can provide guidance. 

Our team, led by Mike Chambers, has extensive experience in the prudential space and an excellent track record of providing pragmatic and efficient solutions. We pride ourselves on being both knowledge leaders and experts in the field allowing us to cut through the regulations and deliver commercial solutions.

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